Do It Yourself (DIY) Wedding Bouquet


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My best friend from middle school is getting married next weekend and naturally with all the stress that goes into planning a wedding on your own she naturally forgot about a few things like the fact that she never ordered her wedding bouquet. And that is where I came in to save the day–do it yourself wedding bouquets. They are easy, inexpensive, and allow the bride to put her own personality into her flowers. You could also get all of the bridesmaids involved and have them make their own bouquets.

What you need:

Flowers of your choice (you could get flowers from your florist, or if its the right time of year, you could even pick your own flowers to add that special touch to your bouquet)

Flower cutters or shears


Vase filled with water

A few straight sewing pins

Floral tape

Clear Set or hairspray

1. Gather all your flowers. Cut the ends off just about an inch and let the flowers soak in water for a couple of hours. This will allow the flowers to get fully hydrated and bouquet ready

2. Take your flowers and remove all the foliage and thorns on the stems (don’t forget to do this otherwise you will have a prickly bouquet!!)

3. To start making the bouquet, take three flowers, hold them tight, and take the floral tape and wrap at the center of the stem. Continue by taking three more flowers and placing it around the first three. Make sure you keep everything together and tight.

4. Keep repeating step 3 until your bouquet is the size you want it to be.

5. Once you have all your flowers together, take your ribbon and wrap it around the base to cover up the floral tape.

6. Take the sewing pins and pin your ribbon.

7. Once everything is pinned the way you like it, cut the rest of the stem, leaving just enough so that it peeks beneath the ribbon.

8. Spray you bouquet with the Clear set of hairspray to keep it looking fresh and picture ready 🙂

For some videos to help you, check out How to make a Wedding Bouquet and this one DIY Wedding Bouquet.

If you made your own bouquet, send us your pics! We would love to see what you guys came up with!!

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